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The bright flashes overwhelm.
Ash scatters like wind.

Calmly standing,
I walk a path so paved with dark.

Though I take my beloved's hand,
There's no telling when I'll depart.

A Life of hiding long ago ended.
A Life of fighting has already begun.

Nightmarish fire,
Licks against the sky.

Blue is brought to Black,
And Peace is burned to Wrath.

I feel no Fear,
And seek only an End.

I won't involve those I love.
I wish them the least of danger.

My return is my Promise,
Despite all risks.

This Life is one,
I wish to return to.

This War will end one day.
I know this.

Ash black clouds will signal the end.
Victory will only be signaled by our return.

The chimes of those voices that I know as those I love,
Echo back a hundred times.

It's like a calling of what I've come to know.

Bright flashes overwhelm.
Ash scatters like the wind.

When Black is brought to Blue,
And Wrath is lightened to Peace,
I Promise I'll still stand.
Part two of old work I am uploading
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January 3, 2013
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